Casement bolt


It is installed in standard models of HT-BOX containers. It provides security against burglary and is easy to use.



Our corners meet the most stringent standards. They are specially designed, made of 3 mm sheet metal, hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated. Two corners are equipped with pins for easy stacking and transport. Thanks to the side openings, the containers can be lifted by means of a crane.



Well-designed doors guarantee safety and comfort of use. That is what we have to offer. 😊

Door light:

width [mm]: 1968
height [mm]: 4642



The container floor should be durable and our floors are just that! They are made of wood with a thickness of 32 mm. Tongue-and-groove folding boards ensure durability and tightness as well as long-term use.



Approach to lift


Comfortable approach to lift with wheels and transport handles. The approach to lift will greatly improve the transport of heavy and bulky loads.


width [mm]: 1400
height [mm]: 1000

Floor profiles


Our containers are equipped with floor profiles with a height of up to 70 mm. This allows the user to transport our containers using a forklift truck. Thanks to the profiles, the wooden floor of the container is not exposed to direct contact with the ground. We care about the quality, comfort and safety of our customers!