The scope of delivery also included the assembly of containers at our company’s headquarters. For sure we can recommend PPHU HT_BOX Ltd., a limited partnership as a worthy business partner. The containers they delivered meet our expectations and the assembly service was fully professional and fast, which will probably pay off in the future.

Stokado Ltd.


It is confirmed that HT-BOX has delivered storage containers for In-Tech Rusztowania

HT-BOX has shown great diligence and reliability. The agreed delivery times were complied with. The containers are of good quality and durability under construction conditions. We certainly recommend HT-BOX as a container manufacturer and supplier.



PPHU HT-BOX Ltd a limited partnership company, manufacturer of folding storage containers, has supplied us with 70 6M storage containers and 2 6MB containers since September 2016. E-Camel company, the owner of the Box-Storage brand, recommends PPHU HT-BOX SP Ltd. a limited partnership company with its registered office in Świdwin, with full responsibility as a reliable and trustworthy partner, using its experience and expertise to provide services at a high level in the container industry.