self-storage boxes

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There are thousands of Self–Storage facilities currently operating in Europe, but the market is still hungry for this type of investments.

What makes it worthy of investing in Self–Storage?

For over a decade now, Self-Storage has been outperforming retail, office, apartment and industrial renting as storage spaces are mostly basic construction and cheaper than commercial real estate.

  • Fast-growing industry
  • High demand
  • Passive income business model
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Opportunity for rapid growth and expansion
  • High return rate

Investment components:

  • Owned or leased land/facility/warehouse
  • Site preparation
  • Fencing of the property
  • Gate and its authorization system installation
  • Assembly of HT-BOX.COM storage containers
  • Installation of a monitoring system
  • mplementation of the IT management system – STORJAY.COMSTORJAY.COM.