JBox Series

JBox 2.4 has been designed especially for our customers owning high bay storage warehouses as it sits on three Euro pallets.
It has also gained popularity among garden owners, self–storage community, as well as backyard users due to its smaller size.

JB 2.4M


Weight 220 kg
Width 1150 mm
Length 2400 mm
Height 2230 mm
Assembly 2 fitters about 30 min

Internal dimensions :

Width 1020 mm
Length 2300 mm
Height 2070 mm


What makes it different from our other series?

  • it sits on three Euro pallets perfectly and its solid construction allows for safe and secure storage of goods;
  • the 32 mm tongue and groove joint floor has been reinforced to provide better stability of the entire box during movement;
  • thanks to modern solutions, the hinges do not need to be adjusted after each move
  • 70mm high floor profiles allow for an easy transport by forklift;
  • it is equipped with specially designed, 3mm thick corner plate horns which not only strengthen the structure of the whole container, but also allow for a transport by crane;